3 Vegan Football Players

We often picture professional football players as muscular,  meat-eating machines. For many people, it’s often impossible to imagine vegan football players – how can someone who avoids all animal proteins and products be able to perform at the rigorous levels required of a professional football player? Football players experience considerable amounts of stress on their bodies when they train and play, and turn to protein to recover. However, there are many high-profile vegan athletes – past and present – that are gaining more recognition and proving that physical ability doesn’t hinge on animal protein intake. One way to get ample protein and nutrients as a vegan is to frequently enjoy VeganSmart All-In-One Nutritional Shake. Here are some vegan football players who have made veganism work for them:

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Arian Foster 

This NFL running back announced he was going vegan in July 2012. Foster, who plays for the Houston Texans, eased himself into a vegan diet, working with a doctor to figure out which foods and products worked best for him. After announcing his newfound veganism on Twitter, Foster received a lot of criticism from fans and the media, and he replied via the social network:

“People feel so strong about meat and milk. I wish they felt this strong about peace.”

Though Foster has admitted to eating meat occasionally, he sticks to a mostly plant-based diet. Why you might ask? He does it because he believes his performance on the field is improved. As a professional athlete you always want to improve your performance and stay on top of your game. Food is the option Foster chooses to increase his game time performance.

Tony Fiammetta

It took this NFL fullback a week to transition into a vegan diet. After some educational reading he decided to try out a plant-based diet. He felt a difference on and off the field since making the change. There have been some skepticism if he would be able to keep up his large size with a plant only diet, but the food options for vegans are endless. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and more are available to anyone willing to transition into a vegan diet. Fiammetta on a vegan diet is provided with power and energy without the downsides of a meat based diet. This is helpful for any athlete.

While Fiammetta, may occasionally add meat to his diet, similar to Arian Foster, he is mostly vegan.

Griff Whalen 

Back in 2014, this wide receiver began his journey to veganism. Whalen was interested in becoming a healthier version of himself and stumbled upon a vegan diet on day on Netflix. As a strict vegan, with large amounts of spinach, kale, sweet potatoes, and avocados, in his diet he has seen improvement in his performance. With a demanding training schedule he has proven that veganism is possible in the professional football arena.

These three vegan football players, among others continue to educate their fans on the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. While they prove it is still hard to maintain and easy to fall into old habits, they cannot deny that their performance is better on a plant-based diet. The results are in the stats after all.

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