5 People You Didn’t Know Lived a Plant-Based Lifestyle


As the years have gone by, people have become more interested in living healthier lifestyles. In our opinion, the healthiest lifestyle a person can live is a plant-based one. This revelation has lead to the popularity of plant-based diets. While some people may not have caught the vegan bug just yet there are a few celebrities and athletes that have been living a plant-based lifestyle under the radar. Find out which 5 people you didn’t know were vegan.

  1. Wendy Williams cut meat, dairy, and refined sugars out of her diet over 3 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. The talk show host even credits her 50 lb weight loss to her plant-based diet. While she may have a craving for eggs every now and again, she will instead reach for a green smoothie in the morning.
  2. Kendrick Farris, Olympic weightlifter, made the transition into a vegan lifestyle back in 2014. While he does not subscribe to any strict diet plans, he always tells himself to eat when he is hungry. As a self-proclaimed snacker, Farris is constantly eating small plant-based meals throughout the day. He even credits his ability to lock in on training or competitions to his vegan diet.
  3. Samuel L. Jackson has began his plant-based journey in 2013 after a health scare. Since then, he has struggled to keep a strictly vegan diet facing difficulties meeting the weight requirements for certain movie roles. However, his diet remains mostly plant-based so Jackson can “live forever” as he puts it.
  4. Jehina Malik, an Olympic bodybuilder, has been vegan since birth. Malik feels that a plant-based lifestyle is best for her body. She is working towards breaking all “vegans are weak” stereotypes with her profession and looks forward to continue to do so.
  5. Mike Tyson began his lifestyle change back in 2009. With the intention to become a healthier and clean man, Tyson jumped on the plant-eating trend. Since his transition to a plants-only diet he can see changes in his health, including less arthritis pain.

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