Bad Ass Vegan’s Year in Review

VeganSmart Co-Founder John Lewis, aka Bad Ass Vegan shared his favorite moments of 2016 with us! Not one to focus on the past, he even gave us an inside look into what 2017 has in store for the Bad Ass Vegan.

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What did you like best about 2016? 

“VeganSmart was embraced by so many people this year” John shared. “It was inspiring to see  how well received our products were at all the events we attended this year” he continued. VeganSmart’s attendance at events througout the year is unique because people can actually try the products before you buy them. Fans can experience the fun flavors first hand for themselves. There is no better feeling than watching someone fall in love with a flavor for the first time.

John shared that when attending events, VeganSmart receives a warmer welcome at non-food related events. When we attended Circle of Sisters in New York this past October, people were more interested in us because we were the only healthy food option there. People want to feel inspired and find ways to change their lives. We are happy to offer people ways to improve their lives in any way we can big or small.

How did you feel about the Wanderlust Events? 

“The Wanderlust events were great and we are looking to work with them in 2017.” John tells us about the yoga festival. The yogis are so welcoming and ready to embrace a less harmful way of life. We were also the only nutrition shake in attendance at Wanderlust.

How exciting was it to launch your BAV Strawberry Shortcake flavor?

“It was a long time coming!” Bad Ass Vegan exclaims. It is something that has been in the works for a long time. “I wanted to create a flavor where people felt like they were puling one over on eating healthy” John explains further of his flavor choice. BAV Strawberry Shortcake is the best kind of dessert, you aren’t compromising your healthy diet and it tastes delicious!

How did you feel about your 2016 speaking events?

“I love speaking to the Bad Ass Vegan tribe. At every event I try to host a meet and greet to speak with as many people as possible.” John says. “I want to promote a vegan lifestyle and share my journey when, I speak. I believe every vegan is a Bad Ass Vegan, the name doesn’t refer to me alone.” John goes on to explain. In 2016 John spoke at numerous events inside and outside the United States. He shared his ideals about veganism and tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

How do you feel about the new VeganSmart Partnerships of 2016?

“We have an amazing VeganSmart Team in place” John enthuses about his team members. He was espcially excoted about working with professional surfer and team leader Tia Blanco. As a professional female surfer, she is doing groundbreaking work for the women who will follow her for generations to come. John and Tia have been in contact with each other for years and can now work together on the VeganSmart team.

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“I have always been a fan of Styles P and couldn’t be more excited to work together on the Love is Love products.” John shares his thoughts on the hip hop artist. He cannot wait to work with Syles P more in 2017.

What are you looking forward to most in 2017?

“I am beyond excited to be working on a documentary with Keegan Kuhn. Keegan Kuhn was involved in the filmmaking process of Cowspiracy. Together Keegan and John will be working on a documentary centered around hip hop culture and veganism. They will be interviewing some of the most well-known names in the game today like Styles P, Andre 3000, Jermaine Dupri.

There are also more BAV flavors on the horizon. While he is unsure what flavor will be next, John did share that he was interested in staying in theme with a healthy dessert flavor.

Any tips for 2017? 

“Know where you want to end up and work backwards.” John says of making goals for the future. It is easier to make a plan and accomplish goals along the journey, if you know where you want to end up. “Just keeping word, if you want something and work hard for it, it’s always worth it” John shares.

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