How to Store Produce Properly

Living a plant-based lifestyle can be hard work. While there are clear health benefits to this lifestyle, it can be hard and expensive to maintain. The plants we all love to eat do not always have a long shelf life, which can be frustrating. A plant-based lifestyle can be easy to maintain if you have a few produce saving tricks up your sleeve.

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Citrus based produce should be kept on the refrigerator shelf, unwrapped. Citrus fruits will last for about 2 weeks this way.

Lettuce will last for about 5 days when kept in the refrigerator drawer in a plastic bag with a dry paper towel.

Berries will also last longer if kept in the refrigerator drawer in a vented container. Enjoy berries between 3-5 days when stored this way.

Apples, a fall favorite, will be good for about 3 weeks if they are stored in a refrigerator drawer unwrapped.

Tomatoes can be kept on your counter top until ripe unwrapped to last for about 5 days.

Pears can also be kept on your counter top unwrapped and will last for around 4 days after they have ripened.

Carrots, another vegetable to kept in the refrigerator drawer in a plastic bag for a shelf life of 3 weeks.

Cucumbers can be kept in a refrigerator drawer wrapped in plastic to last about 1 week.

Potatoes should be kept in a dark pantry in a paper bag and will last about 1 month.

Remember these storage tips next time you stock up on your fruits and veggies!

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