VeganSmart’s Newest Flavors are a Vision of Love

Love is Love is a unified mission between VeganSmart and Juices for Life Founder, Styles P. that helps to deliver plant-based education and awareness into marginalized neighborhoods located in NYC. Many of these neighborhoods suffer from a huge lack of plant-based food options. Individuals in these communities also find themselves without the tools or resources that would help kick-start their plant-based journey.

But where others’ see a lack, we see opportunity! That’s why VeganSmart and Juices for Life have banned together to help educate these communities about the benefits of living a plant-based life.  With a mutual love for music and a passion for fresh, nourishing juices, our friend Styles P. opened his doors to VeganSmart founders Kareem Cook and Claude Tellis. From there, two new flavors were born; Cookies and cream and Chocolate Raspberry.

Health is always the first wealth, no matter where you are in the world. That’s why we welcome all VeganSmart customers to help Love is Love grow. We’re not just a company that creates plant-based nutritional shakes- we’re a company committed to spreading a message of living your best plant-powered life one delicious protein-packed flavor at a time.