4 Ways to Get Fit Without a Personal Trainer

Don’t have a personal trainer? No problem. There are so many simple things you can do to get fit and healthy on your own. Try these 5 things:

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Meal Prep

What you eat is always the most important. Trainers and nutritionists alike will stress the importance of meal prepping to ensure that you’re getting enough healthy nutrients throughout the day without cheating yourself.

Workout Apps

Our phones are always in the palm of our hands, so why not make them useful to our health. Of course this app won’t replace having a trainer, but it is the next best thing. Try one of these Top 10 Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated!


We know you’ve been seeing this acronym everywhere and its for good reason! Swapping out your long and moderate workouts for a high intensity interval training will help you get fitter sooner as long as you put in work!


When they told us to eat our veggies as children, they were just trying to prepare us all for the real world. Having enough vegetables on a daily basis is extremely important to your diet and staying fit. You should be consuming at least 2-3 cups of vegetables daily.

Try this healthy recipe for meal prep: Vegan Lettuce Wrap Recipe