WIN $10,000 by Entering the Are You VeganSmart Contest

Do you embody the VeganSmart lifestyle? Could you use an extra $10,000 in your pocket? Entering our latest contest just might make that dream of yours a reality! I know we all could definitely think of a few things we would buy with the cash prize, like tons of trips to our favorite vegan restaurants. Before letting your imagination take over, let us tell you how to win.

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VeganSmart is a brand that believes in sharing an awareness of health and fitness through a positive attitude. The founders live by the motto “do good by making good choices.” This is exactly what we all do when we choose to embrace the vegan lifestyle and use VeganSmart products.

As a company, we also support creativity and originality not only for our team, but also for our customers. We want to see you put these skills to use by showing us how you live a lifestyle that would make our team at VeganSmart proud. We challenge you to make a video about yourself and living the VeganSmart lifestyle that makes us smile, giggle, or provokes thought and action.

Enter here and simply tell us your story in a short video. It can even be a simple 30-second video taken on your phone! Check out our social media pages for example videos from our current brand ambassadors!

After you upload your video to YouTube and submit the link to the contest page, all you need to do is earn the most votes from your friends and family (or your personal fan club as we like to call it). Voting is ongoing and will last until the submission period ends on June 10th, 2016. Each person can vote once for each submission.

We suggest sharing your video on all your social media platforms and encourage your network to vote. The more people who see your video, the more votes you will receive, and the closer you can get to that cash prize! You are simply a video and some votes away from $10,000 in your pocket!

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