HIIT Workouts for the Win

by SuperFan Brittany Rowley 

One of my favorite ways to workout is by doing high intensity interval training. It instantly gets your heart pumping and your sweat dripping and will keep your body burning calories for up to 48 hours after you finish! Who wouldn’t be a fan of that? Many gyms now offer HIIT classes and I recently found my new favorite spot to workout! It’s called The 12, where you perform four series of mini workouts at your peak performance! You go as hard as you can for a bunch of short bursts and you walk out of the class feeling like a rock star! So if you’re looking for the next great way to whip your body into shape for bikini season, try HIIT! You will be sore, but you won’t be sorry!

Tips from Naturade:

Warm-up properly

Never go into any workout without warning up, doing so may result in injury. Do warmups that will get your heart rate up and prepare your body for work.

Use a timer with sound

Time your intervals to ensure that you’re staying on track and working to your full potential.

Bring the intensity

It’s called “high intensity interval training” for a reason! During active periods make sure you are working as hard as you can while maintaining proper form and during your rest intervals make sure you are powering up for your next set.

Fuel Up

In order to get the most out of your workout you need energy to burn. For high intensity, quick workouts, eat something that is easily digested 20-30 minutes before you train. A smoothie or shake with VeganSmart can power you through HIIT workouts! Learn How to Build the Perfect Smoothie