Hip Hop Goes Vegan

Born in the Bronx, hip hop became popular in many communities. Hundreds of mainstream and underground artists have left their mark on the industry. Hip hop artists are known to influence their fans. Some artists, influence fans to create music of their own. Other artists, like RZA, KRS-One, and DJ Qbert, influence fans to join a much larger movement, veganism.

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Styles P, former Bad Boy recording artist and current VeganSmart collaborator, is dedicated to bringing plant-based lifestyles to urban areas. After making the transition himself, Styles P has made it his mission to bring healthy options to under-served communities with his Juices for Life juice bars and Love is Love products. As an advocate for a healthier lifestyle Styles couldn’t be a better addition to the VeganSmart family.

RZA, known for being part of Wu-Tang Clan, is a vegan. He has worked with PETA in the past to bring awareness of the vegan lifestyle and downsides of the meat industry. He feels that a plant based lifestyle will allow for a better tomorrow.

In an interview with PETA, he claims that everything on this planet wants to live, from humans to animals. RZA also talks about how you are what you eat. He believes when the animal is stressed, sick, or scared, you’ll be eating and experiencing those same feelings and emotions.

RZA Vegan Ad

RZA Peta Vegan Ad

KRS-One, an outspoken vegan, rose to fame for being part of Boogie Down Productions.  This hip hop artist promotes a vegan lifestyle through both words and his song “Beef”. KRS-One’s “Beef” emphasizes the downsides of the meat industry and the unhealthy side affects that come with it. Song lyrics include “Twenty one different drugs are pumped”, “It’s [meat] the number one drug on the street”, and “How much high blood pressure you get from pig feet”. He has also been on stage, during performances and began talking about his vegan lifestyle. Clearly, he is passionate about veganism.

DJ Qbert is a DJ that strongly believes in a vegan lifestyle. Just like RZA, he thinks the cliche “you are what you eat” holds true. He found that when he used to eat meat, he would feel stressed for no clear reason, which he hated. Once he transitioned into a plant based lifestyle, DJ Qbert was no longer as stressed as before, and felt much faster. As a result of his lifestyle change, DJ Qbert is able to move quicker and practice longer.

Lastly, Russell Simmons, legendary producer, has been vegan for over a decade. With the intention to live a more compassionate life Simmons began the transition and hasn’t second-guessed his decision since. After his plant-based transition, he felt more energized and productive throughout the day. Simmons also attributes his ability to maintain a rigorous schedule to his plant-based diet.

These are just a handful of hip hop artists that follow a plant-based lifestyle, for both ethical and health reasons. Whatever the reason to make the transition, it’s a great decision.