Kristen Bell Picks VeganSmart

Pregnant, vegan and adorably funny, activist Kristen Bell took over The Chalkboard Mag for a month to talk about her favorites, to give us an insight into her personal life and tell us about her decisions to become involved with projects and support companies that make ethical choices.

In a recent interview with The Chalkboard Mag, Kristen talked about wanting to visit Macchu Piccu, enjoying a special pasta her husband Dax created just for her and talked about what she snacks on and wears while traveling. We’re happy our VeganSmart Vanilla made her list of go-to snacks along with kale chips, and a berry and chocolate bar.


Kristen Bell’s Picks – We’ve got heaps of this non-GMO, whole-foods based, vegan protein powder at the ready in our own offices…guess great minds think alike, Kristen!- The Chalkboard Mag




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