3 Steps to a Cruelty-Free Closet

Living a plant-based, cruelty free lifestyle is a process, never a destination. That means making small steps for big change. Even though some of us are living cruelty-free with our diets, what happens when we look in our closets? Don’t beat yourself up over it! If you’re ready to take the plunge in making your wardrobe cruelty-free, then that means you’re ready to phase out those leather and fur purchases. Its best not to rush into it though. Here’s a few slow, steady steps you should consider:

  1. Donate your old fur and leather jackets – Inherited a fur coat from your auntie or grandma you haven’t worn in five years? The Salvation Army will thank you. You never know when that old fur or leather jacket will help a homeless person on a cold winter night.
  2. Consider High-Quality Faux Leather – Don’t want to give up on your passion for leather jackets? You don’t have to! Vegan leathers come in all textures – but be careful. They are not all made equal. Look for a little bit of grain and a matte surface. If they are too smooth and shiny, then it’s a quick giveaway that it might be low-grade. Good faux leather jackets have some weight, so consider how it feels on your body.
  3. Phase Out Slowly – If you want to donate everything and start from zero, go for it!  Just promise you won’t beat yourself up for those old pair of leather shoes you parted with our that mink fur coat that’s disappeared from your closet. Add and subtract as you need, even when you’re making the slow transition to shopping cruelty-free.

Curious about you first steps? We suggest you start simply and deliciously.