How to Live a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Nowadays, there is an extensive amount of diets people rely on to lose weight. However, an easier and cleaner way to maintain a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle starts at the source of a lot of our foods: fruits and veggies. Plant-based diets have been proven to provide both physical and mental health benefits that may extend your lifetime, prevent diseases, and keep metabolism at peak functionality. Although it may seem difficult to ditch the carnivore in you or throw out those cheesy chips, there are really delicious and easy recipes out there that make living a plant-based lifestyle super easy, tasty, and enjoyable. Here are some tips and tricks to help jumpstart your plant-based journey, so you can become your best and healthiest self!

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  1. Start Slow. It’s no surprise that it’s difficult for most people to cut some foods out of their lives cold turkey. And you don’t have to! Incorporating plant-based foods into your diet should be a transitional process. Start by adding a green juice to your morning for the first week, then slowly begin incorporating other fruits, veggies, and legumes throughout the day.
  2. Add more legumes and starchy veggies into your daily diet. These protein packed plant foods are a really great way to maintain a satisfied belly once meats, fish, and poultry are cut out. This includes beans, potatoes, corn and other similar starch filled plants. You will feel just as full, and less tired!
  3. Use organic and natural meat replacements .Some natural meat replacements include tempeh, tofu and other similar soy products. These are a really great way to pack in equal amounts of protein and substantial nutrients to keep you satisfied all day long. Start by replacing one, or better yet, two to three days of your week’s meals with plant-based options, this is easier with a subscription to our monthly loyalty program.
  4. Opt for wholemeal or wholegrain breads, cereals, rice and pasta where possible. These can be used in place of their white counterparts but contain a better balance of nutrients and are used slower by the body, meaning they keep you feeling full for longer.
  5. Cut down on cow milk with other plant based milk replacements. To cut down on your consumption of milk use one or more of the many alternative types of milk available. These include almond, oat, hemp, coconut, and rice milk. In many cases these milk substitutes can be used for baking, in tea, or for cereals. Many of these milks are also fortified with additional vitamins and minerals.
  6. Meat Free Monday! This idea is followed by many people regardless of their regular diet. The idea is not to eat any meat products on Mondays. The same idea could be applied to any day of the week or you could vary the idea a little, for example by having only meat free lunches during the week.

Not only is a plant based diet more economical in terms of your bank account and environment, it is also a very sustainable alternative to other diets that may leave you hungry or tired. The benefits have proven to increase mental health functioning, which includes a decrease in depression and anxiety symptoms, and also may help prevent diabetes and other diseases related to weight and cholesterol levels.  A plant-based lifestyle will leave you full, happy, and healthy!

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