How to stay focused on exercise after summer

During the spring and summer, many people’s motivation for hitting the gym or trails is to look healthy and toned on the beach. But when fall hits and it’s time to put the shorts and swimsuits away, what’s your motivation? Here are some tips for keeping the focus on exercise even after the cozy sweaters and skinny jeans are keeping you covered up:

  • Set goals. If your summer goal was to look good in your bathing suit, pick something else to focus on. Did you plan a winter trip to Mexico? Do you want to tone up your arms? Do you just feel better when you get your sweaty boxing routine in every morning before work? It’s important to have a central motivation, and then set several small and attainable goals along the way.
  • Change it up. Fall weather calls for different activities than summer. Now that the weather is cool, maybe you can hop off the treadmill in the air conditioned gym and hit the local trails. Or instead of swimming you can switch to biking and the classes at your local gym. Workouts should be enjoyable while still challenging, so if you start to get bored, don’t be afraid to venture out. If you’re hesitant, invite a friend to try something new with you so you feel more comfortable.

  • Keep a photo journal. Take a picture of yourself each month or every two weeks in the same workout gear. Note the differences between each picture – maybe you look a little slimmer and a lot happier! Take notes in your journal each week about what you did, if you’ve met your goals and what your plans for the following week are.
  • Accessorize. It sounds strange when referring to exercise, but if you want to get serious, purchase gear that makes you feel seriously good. Also, if you’re trying to build lean muscle, consider treating yourself to some high-quality, healthy supplements, such as VeganSmart, the delicious All In One Nutritional Shake, now available at Sam’s Club for only $23.48, which has a complete plant-based protein blend, probiotics, omega-3s and various vitamins and minerals for an excellent meal replacement.

Don’t let exercise be something you dread. Try to build it into your daily routine – just as you would brush your teeth and get dressed every day, plan time to exercise every day.