Party Like a Vegan: LA VeganSmart Brunch

There isn’t a party like a VeganSmart Brunch party! If you were in the Los Angeles area this past weekend, the VeganSmart LA Brunch was the place to be. Not only could you enjoy some delicious vegan food and dancing, but host Bad Ass Vegan John Lewis was also there to get the party started! During a Q&A, Bad Ass gave us some insight about this healthy, social event. You might surprised by some of his answers.

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Q: What type of people attended the LA VeganSmart Brunch?

A: Although there were definitely more vegans there, a lot of vegan curious people attended as well. Many attendees brought big groups of friends with them who were interested in learning more about the vegan lifestyle.

As a vegan, I really enjoyed seeing a lot of non-vegans there who were interested to see what the vegan lifestyle is all about.


Q: As the host, what were your main duties?

A: My main role as the host is to make sure everybody is comfortable and enjoying themselves. Before the event, it was my job to build up the buzz, get people interested and set aside the date to come.

Promotion both before and during the event is key. During the event, I would give shout outs to different people to make them feel appreciated.  Being an engaging and welcoming host was an integral part of the success of the event as a whole.


Q: Did anything surprise you during the event?

A: I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction I got from the crowd and the appreciation they had for me.


Q: What made the LA Brunch such a success?

A: A huge part of the success was the overwhelmingly positive response to the shakes given out at the beginning of the event, our brand, and what we stand for. Before the event even started, we had a line wrapped all the way around the corner!

The important thing for us is to keep coming up with more and more surprises for the people in their own cities.


The New York VeganSmart Brunch is coming soon, which will be even bigger and better!

If you are vegan or vegan curious, find out when a VeganSmart party is coming to a city near you. Who knows, maybe the vegan lifestyle is the best choice you can make for a healthier lifestyle!

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