Plant-Based Lifestyles in College

Living a plant-based life isn’t always easy. In fact, in college, it may seem impossible with temptation in your face at every meal. That may not be true with all colleges and universities anymore. As plant-based lifestyles have become more popular, so have vegan options in the dining hall. Higher education facilities have even taken to promoting veganism to the student population.

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Not only are schools promoting veganism, they are being graded by peta2 with a “Vegan Report Card“. According to peta2, there are 540 colleges that have a Grade A or B using this grading rubric. Since 2013, schools with a Grade A have more than doubled and for Grade B have more than tripled. In just a couple years, it is clear that veganism has changed on college campuses. There is more talk and promotion of the vegan diet along with an increase in vegan options. Some of the colleges that peta2 rates an A include:

  • Syracuse University
    • With delicious vegan options all around campus, it’s not shocking that the students are 100% satisfied with the vegan food. Dishes they offer include tofu fritata, vegan bacon, vegan pizza, and enchiladas.
  • University of Texas- Austin
    • Austin is the center of vegan food in Texas so of course UT-Austin would have a variety of vegan food. They offer dishes including vegan BBQ riblets, Mexican squash soup, and vegan brownies with peanut butter mousse.
  • New York University
    • It used be a struggle for NYU to keep students on campus to eat when they can easily go off campus and find anything and everything to eat around New York City but with their great vegan options including vegan sloppy joes, white bean and eggplant casserole, and pasta with a vegan tomato artichoke Alfredo sauce, it’s the restaurants around NYU that are trying to gain back the student’s attention.
  • Boston University
    • By being the largest university in Massachusetts, it’s no wonder that they have a lot of vegan options to offer their 40,000+ student population. Some of their options include pancakes, vegan sausage and pepper pizza, and Cuban black bean soup
  • University of California – San Diego
    • With a vegan-only restaurant, Roots, it definitely puts UCSD as one of the best vegan-friendly colleges. With a whole menu daily, great options include a variety of specialty salads and multiple gourmet soups daily.

Peta college

While plant-based lifestyles are becoming more popular, they are not everywhere yet.If you go to a school with little or no vegan options or you just want a change of pace from the dining hall, enjoy some of these great tips!

  • Stock up on VeganSmart protein. Not only does our protein powder provide healthy nutrients, it is tasty and can be used for both shakes and recipes. Enjoy a VeganSmart shake for a quick breakfast or get creative and use it in a dessert. The possibilities are endless!
  • Go to a grocery store near campus and buy vegan food that you can’t get at school. Great options include quinoa, rice, beans, vegan cheese, vegan bread, seitan, tofu, nondairy milk, and nondairy yogurt.
  • Ask the person in charge of the dining hall what some of the food is cooked with. Rice, beans, quinoa, crackers, and other food can be vegan depending on what’s used when it’s being cooked. Both rice with beans and quinoa are complete proteins.
  • Check out the vegan options off campus. Some restaurants may have vegan options. This can be especially useful if you don’t have your own kitchen and get tired of the limited dining hall food every day.

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