Stay Positive with Tia Blanco

“Life is good,” a sentiment that Tia Blanco, professional surfer and VeganSmart crew member, lives by. A competitive person by nature, Tia often gets caught up in the highs and lows of surfing matches. Not one to harp on negative energy, Tia has tips that she uses to keep herself feeling positive throughout the surfing season.

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  1. Reflective meditation. Tia is constantly striving to better herself. With long days of surfing and training the professional athlete sometimes has a hard time unwinding. This is where her reflective meditation comes into play. Each night she sets aside time to meditate and look back on her day, and to adjust accordingly for a better tomorrow.
  2. Be present. Blanco wants to be content with her life at all times, not only when she reaches a certain goal. As a professional athlete, she is always looking to be better than her last competition. However, there is more to life than preparing for your next competition and Tia wants to make more time to enjoy life as it happens.
  3. Ignore the drama. Being a public figure, Tia receives feedback on many aspects of her life. While most feedback is positive, there will always be negative people out there. “They don’t know me personally. I can’t let their negative energy get to me,” Tia shares.
  4. Listen to your body. As a healthy eater for a majority of her life, Tia’s plant-based transition wasn’t as difficult as it could have been. “Listen to your body,” is the professional athlete’s advice for a successful transition. Tia’s body responded well to the introduction of a plant-based diet. She could see immediate results in her stamina while surfing.
  5. A wanderer’s soul. Tia is no stranger to traveling, her family moved often when she was growing up. Traveling without them may sometimes feel weird, but the professional surfer keeps her family close to her heart as she competes across the world. When homesickness sets in, Tia recalls good memories of the times she spent with her family building her dreams to make it to where she is today.

Keep the good vibes rolling with the help of Tia Blanco’s positivity tips.

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