Top 10 Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated

Our phones are always in the palm of our hands, so why not make them useful to our health. Here are ten great apps you can download to keep you healthy and motivated:


A wonderful exercise routine can only do but so much of the work, it is all about what you put into your body that counts. MyFitnessPal is a simple calorie counter that allows you to keep track of your food intake daily, setting caloric goals and factoring in your exercises to give you an accurate readout of how your diet shapes up every day.

Nike Training Club

It’s almost hard to believe that the Nike Training Club app is free. The app allows you to select workouts based on your desired goals which can include: sculpting, toning, strength and quick workouts that focus on different areas of the body.

Fit Radio
Music is important and many of us set up workout mixes to help pump up our workout. A bad playlist can put a damper on your workout and you don’t want to spend your whole time looking through your endless music library. Fit Radio is the perfect solution.

Pocket Yoga
If yoga is your thing, Pocket Yoga is just right. This app allows you to bring full yoga workouts right to your fingertips. Just roll out that mat and follow along with your phone. The app is even helpful to beginners and includes a dictionary describing each movement and pose in detail.

If you’re the kind of person you needs to track everything in order to stay on track with your fitness routine, Fitbit is the right app for you. The app allows you to map out routes to follow (running, hiking, or cycling.)  You can also use a calorie tracker and gain access to graphs and charts that dive into your activity and more.

Workout Hero
Workout Hero is one of the easiest apps to use. You can choose from over 00 workouts daily, logging activity and following your progress. You can also have reports delivered to you and shared on your social media, highlighting your progress. The most helpful, are the how-to videos and gym locator right on the app.

Everyone should want to make working out fun. The Fitocracy app is certainly worth checking out. The app helps you track your workouts, beat levels and fitness quest, and even earn points and unlock more features.

Gym Buddy
Gym Buddy is just that, a buddy on your phone while you’re at the gym. The app helps you keep track of all of your workouts easily and effortlessly.

Virtual Runner
If you want to get away while you workout, this app is definitely for you. Virtual app takes you virtually to some iconic race courses while you’re on the treadmill.

Zombies, Run
If you haven’t realized, the zombie fad is far from over. Think of this app as one of the apps to get you motivated in a different way. Once you download this app, plug in your headphones, press start and start running, once you do you’ll hear those zombies coming after you along with orders from voice recordings guiding you through a successful run.