Vegan Transition Tip

After flirting with the idea of becoming a vegan for the past year, in July our SuperFan Brittany transitioned and committed to a vegan lifestyle.

Here’s what Brittany had to say , “Naturade products have helped me throughout my transition and continue to nourish my body the way it was meant to be nourished. I love the flavors available and am absolutely in love with the variety of things I can make with the protein powders. Here’s a useful tidbit for those making the switch to veganism. Sometimes urges can be strong, telling you to veer from your goals for a brief moment of satisfaction. It’s important not to let yourself get too hungry because you’re especially vulnerable to those urges when you’re hungry. What helped me was fruit, all kinds! Whenever I was feeling an urge, I’d grab my favorite berries and chow down on those instead. Before I knew it, the craving was gone and I was thoroughly satisfied eating my berries!”