Vegan Valentine’s Day Gifts

If that special someone in your life is a vegan, you may be asking yourself… what should I get a vegan for Valentine’s Day!? With all the different options we’ve listed for your sweetheart – from fitness and food to fashion or a fun trip for two – your vegan valentine is guaranteed to have a day to remember!

1. A Classpass Membership

If your valentine loves fitness and trying new exercises, a Classpass membership is the perfect gift! Classpass allows you to try out different workout classes in your city for one set price of $125/month. There is more flexibility compared to a membership to one gym. Classpass gives you so many options since you aren’t limited to just one type of class or studio! We know your valentine will love the excitement of trying something new every day.

2. Vegan Chocolate Truffles

Fancy chocolates are a classic gift option on Valentine’s Day. However, it can be hard to find bakeries that use vegan chocolate in their products. Luckily, we found a bakery on Etsy, Balabee Bakery, which does just this. They offer many different flavors of vegan and gluten-free truffles that make our mouths water! Some of the flavors include chocolate raspberry, red bordeaux wine, hot chocolate chile, chocolate salt, and chocolate mint. How yummy!

3. Go out to a Vegan Restaurant

You can never go wrong with a romantic evening at your valentine’s favorite restaurant. Be sure to take your date to a place where there are tons of vegan dinner and dessert options to choose from. Who doesn’t love to eat out at a place that accommodates their diet? You can even bake your own vegan dessert using our VeganSmart Chocolate Swirl Cheesecake Recipe if you prefer to stay in.

4. Vegan Handbag

All ladies appreciate a new accessory. Sometimes it can be hard to find a fashionable, vegan handbag. If your vegan valentine has a love for fashion, chances are she would appreciate a bag from a brand like Vegan Chic. Their motto is “where fashion meets compassion.” Brands like Vegan Chic can be the perfect place to look if your valentine is searching for luxury goods that still maintain ethical vegan practices.

5. Yoga Retreat

Yoga trips make the perfect gift for someone who loves meditating as well as traveling. We’re also sure that you will get bonus points for finding a gift that you and your valentine can enjoy together, creating an experience you will never forget. Depending on your price range, you can choose to go away for a weekend close to home, in a different state, or even spend a week in a foreign country like Bali.

Whichever gift you choose for Valentine’s Day, you sweetheart is bound to love all of the thought that you put into finding the present. Just be sure it follows the values of a plant-based lifestyle!

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