Why Almond Milk’s Here to Stay

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, then you know that almond milk’s the answer to living a lactose, dairy, and soy-free lifestyle. Although lower in calcium, almond milk remains a healthy substitution for recipes that call for regular cow’s milk.  It’s also low in sugar and adds creamy, low-calorie deliciousness to all VeganSmart flavors. But what’s the real story behind almond milk and does it really do a body good?

Weight Management – Do the math! One cup of almond milk contains 60 calories versus 146 in whole milk, 122 in 2 percent, and 86 calories in skim. If you’re looking to maintain your weight, then this is a great substitution for your waist line.

That Healthy Glow – Almond milk contains antioxidant properties required for your skin’s health. What’s better? It contains 50 percent of the recommended daily amount of vitamin E and helps protect against sun damage.

Muscle Maintenance  – Even though almond milk doesn’t score high on the protein scale, it still provides necessary B vitamins (iron and riboflavin) required to promote muscle growth and maintain muscle mass not found in regular cow’s milk.

Digestion – Almond milk contains 1 gram of fiber per serving so your abs will thank you.

Low in Sugar –  VeganSmart Founders Kareem and Claude both have multiple family members that suffer from diabetes. They have experienced first-hand how it affects the lives of so many in the African American community. Almond milk can help reduce your risk for diabetes because it won’t increase your blood sugar levels. That means your body will use carbs as energy so sugars won’t be stored as fat!

Not only does almond milk help promote optimal health, it’s chalk full of nutrients and minerals that are responsible for building a healthy immune system. So whether you’re a fan of Chocolate Raspberry or Strawberry Shortcake, almond milk’s guaranteed to add that extra dose of tastiness to all your favorite VeganSmart flavors. Did we mention that by signing up for auto-shipments, we’ll make sure you get your 30-servings each month with free shipping?
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