VeganSmart at Wanderlust Squaw Valley

Wanderlust, like always, was an amazing experience last weekend. With back to back events featuring yoga, meditation, talks, music, artists, and chefs, there was a ton to do at Squaw Valley. We looked up the thousands of pictures that were geo tagged or posted at Wanderlust and these are our favorites from the weekend of fun and relaxation.

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The scenic area of Squaw Valley encouraged people to practice their yoga with extremely interesting backdrops. With natural landscaped ranging from high mountains to tall trees, the yoga poses lead to some beautiful pictures.

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The miracle is now. Festivals like @wanderlustfest are really interesting: I learn, grow and connect at such a rapid pace, that sometimes it's hard to keep up: to remember every little lesson, queue, adjustment, mantra, new friend, flow etc. The lessons are abundant, the love is overflowing and the best thing you can do is be fully present and completely engaged. However, this morning brought me to a space where I feel so connected and aware that real life (even using my phone) seems mundane. @siannasherman led the most beautiful, powerful meditation, with a view so perfect and serene, I could die a happy woman. Now it's mid afternoon and my thoughts are still within that moment- my hands were trembling, tears streaming as I realized wow- " T H I S is my life!" Love and gratitude, my friends… I swear it's the key. Grateful for the clothes on my back @aloyoga #ad #thrive #styledbyaveda #wanderlust2016 #avedaambassador @aveda photo by the lovely @mikiashyoga

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A variety of music is offered at Wanderlust. Artists included Yeasayer, Son Little, Elijah Ray, Luminaries, and Magic Giant but there were dozens more. The great part of the music is that it ties in all aspects of the event and gives the community an additional activity to partake in. Don’t worry about your dancing, everyone is there to have fun!

Every Wanderlust event that we have been a part of has had a diverse and beautiful group of attendees. Since we are a minority owned company, we feel that this is important to see people of all races, ages, and genders enjoying all that there is to offer at Wanderlust.


The food at Wanderlust is always yummy. There are a variety of options, including a ton of vegan choices. After a long day of yoga, hiking, and dancing, you are sure to build up an appetite to enjoy all the wonderful options!


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Nourishing my body with a maca berry smoothie bowl 🙏 we started off the day with a meditation and I was feeling so uplifted. Then I took Seane Corn's class and I had no idea what to expect, but when I stepped onto my mat I didn't know what a raw experience it would be. Each sequence we dedicated love to a cause in the world because earths heart is bleeding from tragedy and massacre. She had us think of a story we had been telling ourselves- a recent one, an old one that we can't seem to shake. All of my old stories came up. The I cants and the I'm not enoughs. She gave us the mantra "thus far no longer." I was able to truly feel into my heart of hearts because I felt safe in a space of such presence and you bet your ass I cried through the majority of the class. We all hold a responsibility to show up and not disassociate when things get tough. Look at everything that's happening in the world. We need to find the love within us more than ever ❤️ whatever your old stories are….thus far, no longer. You have a power within you to share and it WILL change the world.

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One of the cutest sights at this past Wanderlust festival was the pets that got into the vibe of the event. Below, some of these four legged companions, who are also dressed the part, can be seen enjoying their time doing yoga!



If you didn’t get a chance to go, the Wanderlust festivals are definitely worth going to at some point!

There are still dates available for this year. Be sure to check them out. It is an amazing experience.

We will be at two more Wanderlust events this year (Brooklyn on 9/11 and Miami on 10/22) and we hope to see you there! Stop by our tent to hang out, have fun, be featured on our Instagram account, and try some delicious samples! Here are some of the awesome pictures we took with the people who stopped by our booth in Squaw Valley!

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