VeganSmart Goes For The Gold with USA Women’s Surf Superstar Tia Blanco

VeganSmart and Tia Blanco make waves with new plant-based partnership

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ —VeganSmart, a leading plant-based protein brand, is expanding their cache of influencers and wellness partners to help build new relationships with communities interested in learning more about a plant-based lifestyle. VeganSmart is thrilled to announce their latest brand ambassador is two-time ISA World Surf Champion and 2020 Team USA Olympic hopeful, Tia Blanco.
In the midst of the summer games in Rio, Tia Blanco is making America proud with her own set of victories. Last week in Costa Rica, Tia made history during the ISA World Surfing Games winning back-to-back (2015 and 2016) gold medal titles. After several attempts to include surfing as a competitive sport recognized by the Olympic Committee, the International Surfing Association was successful. Surfing will now be included in the 2020 Games that will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Tia’s recent triumphs qualify her as an Olympic contender with Team USA; making for an exciting win for women, vegans and athletes everywhere.


At just 19 years old, Tia Blanco is a rising star in the world of surfing, an outspoken vegan, a yogi and an animal rights activist. VeganSmart is enthusiastic and excited for the opportunity to collaborate with such a force of nature.

“We at VeganSmart not only aspire to change the perception of what it looks like to live a plant-based lifestyle, but we also want to partner with people who are breaking barriers in their own lane. Tia Blanco’s accomplishments are an inspiration on many fronts. We’re excited to partner with someone so diverse and passionate about health and wellness.” – VeganSmart CMO Kareem Cook

Promoting health initiatives with the support of out-of-the-box wellness events and ambassadors is what has helped VeganSmart to establish themselves as a forward-thinking leader within the plant-based sector. The first product to come from the Tia Blanco and VeganSmart partnership will be a new flavor of VeganSmart.

“I am so excited to partner up with VeganSmart. They make the best tasting protein powder out and I have been using it with my smoothies for several years. I look forward to collaborating on my own signature flavor.” – Surf champion Tia Blanco

Other items to come from the collaboration include recipes, merchandise and accessories, in-store appearances and exclusive content for use on YouTube. For more information about the VeganSmart and Tia Blanco partnership, VeganSmart products, wellness tips or upcoming events visit or follow @livevegansmart on Twitter and Instagram.

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