VeganSmart’s Yogis Who Inspire

VeganSmart knows that eating healthy is the first step to living healthy, but where else do you start? There are so many activities to support and fuel your plant-based strength. Yoga is all about focusing on both your mind and body, without one gaining more control over the other. Yoga practices vary greatly for all types of flexibility and endurance levels. More importantly, tons of inspiring yogis encourage their own spiritual mindsets. Here are some yogis who inspired our team to give yoga a serious shot!

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Caitlin Turner


Turner completed a 200 hour course to become a yoga instructor and lifestyle influencer. She is currently a travel host for the show “Yoga Bliss,” showcasing various yoga poses all over the world. She posts awesome pictures on her Instagram like the one above or awe-inspiring images of doing a handstand on a mountain or even on an elephant!

Talia Sutra


Born in Israel and raised in a Jewish household, Sutra began exploring her spirituality at the age of 6. This led her to begin yoga. Sutra was inspired by her mother who integrated these practices into her lifestyle to help beat lymphoma. Sutra gains her greatest insight by connecting with nature and her natural world.

Kino MacGregor


MacGregor has more than 15 years of experience in Ashtanga Yoga, practicing all the way through the Fourth Series. She takes pride in incorporating both India’s history as well as social media channels into her love for yoga. She has currently written 3 books and recorded 6 yoga DVDs, spreading her appreciation for the practice.

Jason Crandell


Crandell practices Alignment-Based Vinyasa, focusing on the placement of one’s bones to create a calming experience. As a former skateboarder and hockey player, he had a lot to overcome in order to gain the flexibility and easy mindset needed to do yoga. He stresses the importance of finding one’s ease of mind while practicing rather than attempting to perfect a certain pose.

Kerri Verna


Verna has been practicing yoga for 12 years. While she teaches many different kinds of fitness classes, she finds yoga to be the most satisfying. She enjoys teaching classes and leading retreats all over the world. She is well known for her Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga classes and lessons at the beach in her hometown of West Palm Beach.

Honza & Claudine Lafond


This husband and wife duo created the practice of Acrovinyasa, “a highly transformative and inspiring stream of yoga.” Honza is known for encouraging elevated thinking and Claudine for creating a free environment where everyone can move without judgement. They believe that everyone is a student of yoga no matter how much experience you have.

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