Wanderlust 108 Atlanta and San Francisco

VeganSmart has recently participated in 2 Wanderlust 108 events and we couldn’t be happier! Both Atlanta and San Francisco were beyond inspiring to say the least! We are so excited to attend more festivals in the coming months.

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So what is Wanderlust 108, you ask? It is a “field day for your mind, body and soul” that includes a 5K your way, a 75-minute yoga session underscored by a DJ, and a 30-minute guided meditation session. If you want to take part in a mindful triathlon and love yoga, running, free samples and giveaways, then Wanderlust 108 is the place to be! The community is supportive and engaging and the charm of these events comes from being surrounded by like-minded members of the holistic community!

At both events in Atlanta and San Francisco, MC Yogi and DJ Sol Rising kept the tempo and energy up with fantastically curated tunes. Tribal body marker Amir Magal made sure everyone looked festive!
Wanderlust San Francisco took place at a gorgeous meadow on a perfect sunny day and Wanderlust Atlanta was held at the 4th Ward Park. At both events it’s pretty safe to say that good vibes were definitely in order.  The Kula Marketplace, which we were thrilled to be a significant part of, was filled with other craft vendors displaying jewelry, unique apparel, supplements, and snacks.

If you’re not already convinced that Wanderlust is a great concept and initiative, this video will demonstrate:

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Los Angeles, 4/30
San Diego, 5/8
Chicago, 5/14
Squaw Valley, California, 7/14-7/17
Brooklyn, 9/11
Miami, 10/22

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