What is Cold-Pressed Juice?

There is nothing as satisfying as an ice cold juice to quench your thirst, but there might be something healthier. Juicing has taken on a whole new meaning in today’s world. There are so many options out there, it is sometimes hard to find the right thirst quencher these days. One of the most popular types of juice are the cold-pressed juices. These juices can usually be found in the beloved juice bar. However, do you really know what cold-pressed juice is? Or are you just going along with the hype?

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What is cold-pressed juice? The term cold-pressed comes from the process of how the juice was extracted from those fruits and veggies you love to sip on so much. A slow pulverizer and hydraulic press characterizes the aspects of creating a cold-press juice.

What is that taste? That just been squeezed taste, is what we are talking about! Cold-pressed juices are the drink of choice because the taste is so fresh. Fresh juice is the best juice after all.

What about nutrients? Most likely you may get more nutrients from cold-pressed juices. Research on the topic is still scarce, but the process of making a cold-pressed juice is slow, deliberate, and does not generate heat. Since the process is slow and deliberate, it is considered to be better at extracting enzymes from produces fiber. This extraction process is how nutrients are taken from fruits and veggies and placed into those beloved juices.

What about cleansing? Cold-pressed juices are ideal for this sort of thing. If you are looking to cleanse your body and worried about losing energy, adding a cold-pressed juice into your routine may help. These delicious juices are mostly made up of produces fiber, which is easier to digest. Easy digestion will help keep your energy up and may increase detox efforts during a cleanse.

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