How “What The Health” Changed My Eating Habits

Did you know that humans don’t need meat to get enough protein for the day? That’s right – protein actually comes from plants; the protein we get from animals is actually from the plants they consume.  After watching the documentary What The Health, I learned that adding more plant-based foods into my daily routine can give me all the protein and fiber I need in a day.

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Not sure how to adjust your diet? When implementing this into your life, simple swaps can make a huge difference. To ensure you are consuming more of what you need and less of what you don’t, try the following:

  • Starting your day with a plant-based shake
  • Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your snacks
  • Introducing grains and legumes (e.g. rice and beans) into your meals
  • Recovering from workouts with plant-based protein

Adding more plant-based foods into our diets can give us all the protein and fiber we need.

You may start to notice major changes in your body just by making these small adjustments to your diet. Fine-tuning my own diet has turned me into a true believer in the power of plant-based protein. Eliminating some of the animal proteins I was used to consuming and replacing it with a plant-based shake that I love gives me everything I need to continue these healthier habits. It may not be necessary to permanently alter your lifestyle to be healthier, as these simple changes have proven to make quite an impact.

Watch the documentary for yourself to learn more about your health as it relates to the meat industry, and check out VeganSmart co-founder, Badass Vegan for more plant-based inspiration!

This blog is a personal reaction to the What The Health documentary and does not reflect the views of VeganSmart.

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