BadAssVegan’s Workout Playlist

Working out is hard for many reasons, but VeganSmart teamed up with BadAssVegan to offer some motivation – music.

Whether it’s getting started, keeping the momentum, or staying focused, we’ve all struggled at some point. A good workout playlist can alleviate some of the stress and keep you motivated to finish your routine.

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Music not only helps you focus more, but it also takes your mind off the physical pain of an intense workout. Music allows your pain threshold and endurance to rise and helps to clear your mind. It’s what we at VeganSmart call a healthy distraction. When asked about what an amazing gym playlist does for him, BadAssVegan replied, “music helps me to focus on the task at hand and block out the rest of the world.”

Music can help you get in the zone and it can also keep you going throughout your entire workout. An upbeat tune can set a healthy pace. Songs that have around 130 beats per minute are optimal for exercising. With cool new features on music apps like Spotify Running, your phone can measure your pace and speed and automatically cue up songs to keep you going. Each song will have a specific BPM to coincide with your steps.

Speaking of making playlists, do you wonder what BadAssVegan listens to? In conversation with VeganSmart BadAssVegan said, “My playlist changes very often, but sometimes if I get so used to a certain song, it just might be on repeat while I’m working out!” John also told us how narrowing it down to one genre is hard because he listens to a huge variety of music. His words were, “Oh man I listen to everything from Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, you name it. Right now my picks are a mix between Logic, Jidenna, and Highly Suspect.”

Next time you head to the gym or to exercise in your home or outdoors, be sure to keep yourself going with a great playlist and maybe even some picks from the inspirational BadAssVegan.  

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