VeganSmart Partners with Liquido Active

The leaders of the yoga wear community, Liquido Active and the VeganSmart team have paired up to create an exclusive VeganSmart Yoga Legging for our fans! The active wear brand is known for their bold patterns and couldn’t be a better fit for the VeganSmart family.

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VeganSmart Yoga Pants made by Liquido Active

Our VeganSmart Yoga Legging may enhance your movement, whether you find yourself lifting weights at the gym, in yoga class, or running errands all day. Our limited time only leggings will leave you feeling comfortable and protected! Enjoy the comfort of yoga leggings with the boldness of a Liquido pattern.

VeganSmart Yoga Pants

Our leggings are available for a limited time only! The VeganSmart Yoga Legging is exclusive to all our customers and are available here. The VeganSmart team is extremely excited to work with Liquido Active on creating our first pair of yoga leggings and cannot wait for more opportunities in the future.

VeganSmart Yoga Pants made by Liquido Active

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