What is Matcha?

Matcha Green Tea, the new intriguing girl in town! Let’s be honest, it’s rare to scroll through Instagram without seeing one artsy picture of a green drink. But what is it exactly, other than really appealing to the eye?

Matcha is powdered green tea made in Japan with an overwhelming amount of health benefits. So now for the real question, what makes this popular new trend different from green tea? Matcha powder is made from ground, finely milled leaves, while traditional green tea is made when leaves are diffused in hot water.

The 411 on the matcha health benefits:

  1. Matcha is mostly known to be healthy because it is loaded with antioxidants and EGCG, which may help boost your immune system and protect against viruses. The finely ground powder is enriched with ingredients that may help fight against unwanted bacteria. There are more health benefits that include metabolism boosting.
  2. It almost seems impossible, but green tea powder is able to give your body a calming sensation, while eliminating the tired and drowsiness side effect.  Not only can this ground powder calm you down, it may also increase your energy levels in a natural way. It can infuse the body with a healthy sugar-free source of caffeine without the jittery reaction. It may be time to replace your daily cup of coffee in the morning with a cup of matcha green tea!
  3. This green tea powder also contains ingredients that may help your body detox naturally! The chlorophyll within the powdered green tea aids in cleansing blood and the body overall.

Next time you stumble across a green tea powder post on Instagram you’ll know exactly what it means and how it may benefit your body. Start thinking of some new matcha inspired smoothie recipes to incorporate into your morning routine. Did we mention that by signing up for VeganSmart auto-shipments, we’ll make sure you get your 30-servings each month with free shipping?

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