What’s in Your VeganSmart Nutrition Powder?

Nutrition powder, the busy person’s answer to a quick and healthy meal. It may be hard to believe all the nutritional benefits found in these powders, but they really do exist. The VeganSmart team is here to breakdown just exactly what is in our nutrition powders.

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VeganSmart offers everything you need…

Reaching your daily vitamin requirements is much easier with the addition of two VeganSmart scoops in your favorite smoothie or morning coffee. Each sip of your breakfast will pump 22 essential vitamins and minerals through your body. You may receive half of your daily recommended doses of vitamin A, B6, C, Riboflavin, Zinc and more in just one glass.

It’s not all about the vitamins and minerals, VeganSmart also offers five non-GMO plant-based proteins which include: pea, quinoa, chia, potato, and chlorella. These five proteins were chosen because they provide the body with the essential amino acids needed to build and repair muscle tissue. That makes VeganSmart the ideal post workout shake if you’re looking to bulk up or slim down while still avoiding meat, if that’s your preference.

VeganSmart also contains a special digestive enzyme blend that allows a greater absorption of nutrients. Meaning, your body will be able to digest VeganSmart more fully and leave you with a longer lasting feeling of fullness.

…And nothing you don’t.

VeganSmart founders, Kareem Cook and Claude Tellis, created our tasty nutrition powder with the goal to bring healthy eating options to underserved communities. They wanted to give more people a chance to eat healthy in an easy to make and drink shake. That is why VeganSmart has a whole food complex blend made up of 9 different fruits and vegetables that support overall wellness. These 9 ingredients include: apricot, mango, raspberry, carrot root, pineapple, broccoli flower and stem, cabbage leaf, beetroot, and spinach leaf. Each fruit and vegetable offers its own health benefits, which add to living an even healthier lifestyle.

It’s not only about what’s in VeganSmart, it’s also about how versatile it is. With 8 different flavors to choose from there is a recipe for everyone. Your shake can be as simple as water, ice, and your favorite VeganSmart flavor or more complex with multiple fruits, veggies, seeds, milk alternatives, and more! Find a recipe and flavor that works for you.

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