Josh Garcia

Environmental Engineer & World Traveler

Josh Garcia wants a world where eco-friendly & well-traveled are the status-quo & where access to clean air, water, education & vegan salted caramel cupcakes are a birth right.

He’s a trained Environmental Engineer that grew tired of politics interfering with progress and environmental conservation, so he left the industry to make a difference as a journalist, public speaker & world traveler. He’s worked for the Weather Channel, BBC & Nat Geo, and has a pretty neat-o web-series on terrestrial bioluminescence.

When he’s not in front of the camera, he’s still somehow in front of the camera doing free public address on environmental issues & completing epic solo bike rides across the continent.

He’s an insta junky that has a knack for scholarly essays on plant based nutrition, and conservation. He’s the self proclaimed King of Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches.


Why I love VeganSmart:
I spend about 4/5 of my year on the road and its the perfect addition to my busy active and veggie focused lifestyle. VeganSmart easily compliments any meal, its tasty AF, has a low environmental impact compared to most protein supplements and lets my animal buddies do their thing. These guns are fueled by VeganSmart, no cow milk needed!

Favorite VeganSmart Flavors:
Def dig the Vanilla but got this thing for mixed berry with a scoop of wild blueberries, acai and fresh unsweetened nutmilk. Not too sweet, high in protein and so so good. Crave it all day long.

Favorite Foods:
Burritos, avocados, puerto rican food, anything with latin flair but I’ll never kick a beast of a salad out of bed or a vegan hot dog piled high with fried onions, vegan mayo, avo, ketchup, mung bean sprouts,… you get the idea.

Favorite Dessert:
I make a ridiculous vegan ice cream sandwich.

Top Professional Accomplishments:

  • Travel Host – NBC’s the Voyager w/ Josh Garcia
  • Motivational Public Speaker
  • Awesome Uncle

Training Tip:
Consistency, consistency and consistency.

Proudest Moments:

I have so many people I look up to. Some are big fame monsters, but others live so invisibly and look so ordinary; you’d walk by them on the street and never know they could have such a powerful effect on another person. They’re celebrities just to me. I even get nervous around them which is so silly but I do.

But ever look up to yourself? Like you accomplished something that made you feel so pumped to hang out with yourself, (kinda like that same excitement you felt when you were 8 years old and you were headed over to your best buddies house for ice cream and a sleep over). I think the cycle of challenge and accomplishment is my main source of self-esteem & self worth. It’s what keeps me getting out of bed every morning.

I’ve been many versions of myself, some I’m more proud of than others. And though I love Osho, and the teachings of Einstein and Gandhi, it’s happened more than once where I aspired to be more like “the me in 2009” or “the me that handled a situation a certain way,” over one of these wise teachers. There’s been many times I wanted to get back to that person I was and live like him, almost like he was somebody else. Kinda like recycled- self-inspiration.
One of my proudest moments and highlight in my adult life is my 1,700 mile solo ride from NYC to St. Johns Newfoundland. I loved myself so hard after this adventure.

I suppose it’s normal to go in and out of your best self and use those high moments to aspire to. I still regularly chase that version of me.