Favorite VeganSmart Flavors:
Chai and Vanilla

Favorite Foods:
Rice and beans with corn and avocado. Also anything that has to do with pasta.

Favorite Dessert:
Cupcakes, Root-beer, Ice cream, Soda float, Donuts.

Top Professional Accomplishments:
• Yin Yoga Teacher.
•  Prison Yoga Teacher.
• Reiki.

Training Tip:
Find a work out regime that works for you. People seem to believe that the gym is the only place to get a work out false. Everyone is different you can tweak things and make them your own. For instance I  practice yoga, some people dance, some people do martial arts and others work out at home. Whatever it is that works for you, do it and give it your all. Also remember eating is a important part of a healthy lifestyle. Research, ask questions and surround your self with like minded individuals.